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Healthy Summer Salads Roundup Collage

50 Healthy Summer Salads and Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Salad

I could eat a salad for lunch and dinner every day. Salads are super versatile and with summer here, your options are endless with all of those beautiful fresh fruits and veggies in our markets and farm stands. When the heat of the day has the best of you, salad for dinner sounds a lot… continue reading »

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Beluga Lentil Salad with Hearts of Palm and Avocado

Beluga Lentil Salad with Hearts of Palm and Avocado

Beluga Lentil Salad with Hearts of Palm and Avocado My son commented the other day that I’m kind of like those women who obsessively buy shoes, except, I buy food. I just looked at him blankly and said…nothing. Nope, no comeback for that one. Because that boy, apparently, is more perceptive than I’ve given him… continue reading »

Black Bean and Lentil Chili | @tasteLUVnourish | #chili #blackbean #lentil #vegetarian #vegan

Black Bean and Lentil Chili

Many years ago, a good friend of ours had a chili cook-off party. It was a blast! We all brought our own versions of chili and blindly taste-tested. Blindly, in that we didn’t know who’s was who’s…but there were margaritas involved! It was interesting to see the different interpretations of what we all refer to… continue reading »

Harvest Grains and Veggies Salad - a delicious mix of grains and veggies with a fresh lemony dressing. Packs up wonderfully for lunch! | @tasteLUVnourish

Harvest Grains and Veggie Salad

I love this type of salad.  The mix of grains and vegetables combined with its lemony dressing is satisfying as a side dish or a meal in itself. I used a package of Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend.  It’s a mix of Israeli couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans and red quinoa.  If you can’t get… continue reading »

Foul Medames

Foul Medames with Fried Egg My Armenian family all grew up in Egypt.  They came to the United States a few years before I was born, so we ate quite “globally.”  There was certainly a lot of Egyptian influence in our home.  One of my Dad’s favorite breakfast dishes was foul (pronounced fool).  I like… continue reading »