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Milk Chocolate Pots de Creme | @tasteLUVnourish | #chocolate #potsdecreme #light

Milk Chocolate Pots de Creme

This beauty began as a milk chocolate creme brûlée, but as I can’t leave anything alone, some type of transformation was inevitable. I’ve just been trying to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet lately and the added crunchy layer of sugary goodness in creme brûlée was just another one of those sacrifices I’ve… continue reading »

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Coconut Almond Dark Chocolate Ice Cream {Vegan} by Taste Love and Nourish

Coconut Almond Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

There’s a wonderful new creamery that’s opened up in our town. If keeping my waistline in check wasn’t an issue, I’d be there every night. And I’d probably order their Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip…every night. But, since it’s bathing suit season and well, that always scares me to pieces, I decided to create my own… continue reading »

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark | @tasteLUVnourish | #chocolate #wasabi

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark

There’s a spot in my grocery store, just beyond the produce section, that I find irresistible. Shelves of clear cellophane bags, filled with all sorts of nuts, dried fruits and little crunchy snacky things that call my name. If it happens to be a Monday and I’ve just stepped on the scale after a weekend… continue reading »

Silken Cocoa Chia Pudding

Silken Cocoa Chia Pudding

Silken Cocoa Chia Pudding The Cleveland Clinic recently published an article, 6 Foods That Boost Your Beauty. Three of those foods were tofu, chia seeds and cocoa. Tofu contains isoflavones that can help our skin’s collagen to avoid wrinkles! (I may start sleeping with tofu under my eyes!) Chia seeds, the newest superfood, are a… continue reading »


Pomegranate Mendiants

These red jeweled chocolates make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Mendiants are a French candy traditionally made up of chocolate disks studded with dried fruits and nuts. Their colors represented the different robes of the monastic orders of the church. This version is simply my desire to combine pomegranate and chocolate! The flavors go… continue reading »

Virtuously Sinful Fudge Cookies - one bowl, no butter, no eggs with a thin veil of crispness and a fudgy interior. | From @tasteLUVnourish on www.tasteloveandnourish.com

Virtuously Sinful Fudge Cookies

These are the naughtiest tasting cookies you’ll ever not feel guilty about eating! They are made with no butter or eggs. They puff up into chocolate domes in the oven, then flatten out while cooling to turn into the most satisfying cookie; a chewy interior with a thin veil of crispiness on the outside. They… continue reading »