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Cranberry Orange Soda Bread | @tasteLUVnourish | #cranberry #orange #sodabread

Cranberry Orange Soda Bread

This time of the year really makes me pause. We have so many milestones during this season, good and bad, but they all make me so thankful for what we have and for what we’ve had. Honestly, right now, I can say that I’ve never been more thankful or more happy. I’m blessed with the… continue reading »

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Cranberry Cider Smash - A mix of bourbon and apple cider with a splash of cranberry juice. | @tasteLUVnourish | #cocktail #festive #cranberry #bourbon #cider

Cranberry Cider Smash

Bourbon has always been a liquor that I’ve used in cooking. I love the smokey and subtle sweetness it lends. So, when I had a cocktail in mind using cider and cranberry, I knew I had to incorporate bourbon. I couldn’t think of any other flavor that would give the drink that warm yet refreshing… continue reading »

Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria - make this easy sangria with red or white wine. | @tasteLUVnourish | #sangria #cocktail #holiday

Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria

Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria 1 cinnamon stick 1/3 cup sugar 1/3 cup water 1 cup fresh cranberries, divided 1 pear, sliced zest from one orange 1/4 cup pear brandy (you can use any brandy you have on hand) 1 bottle white or red wine sparkling water In a small saucepan, over high heat, combine water,… continue reading »

Cranberry Pistachio Bread Pudding | @tasteLUVnourish | #breadpudding #cranberry #pistachio #dessert #breakfast

Cranberry Pistachio Bread Pudding

I need to come clean on this one. I have to tell you that this recipe came to be simply because I’ve had “cranberry” and “pistachio” stuck in my head for weeks now. I kept thinking that the red and green would be so Christmas-y, but  I wanted to do something that wasn’t a cake,… continue reading »

Persimmon Cranberry Quinoa Breakfast

Persimmon Cranberry Quinoa Breakfast I try to start each day off with a healthy breakfast. Did you notice I said try? It’s not always easy, but when I do, it just makes me feel good all day. I make quinoa frequently as a side dish with dinner, but have yet to try making it for… continue reading »