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Cranberry Cider Smash - A mix of bourbon and apple cider with a splash of cranberry juice, this festive drink is perfect for the holidays!

Cranberry Cider Smash

Bourbon has always been a liquor that I’ve used in cooking. I love the smokey and subtle sweetness it lends. So, when I had a cocktail in mind using cider and cranberry, I knew I had to incorporate bourbon. I couldn’t think of any other flavor that would give the drink that warm yet refreshing… continue reading »

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This Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria from Taste Love and Nourish is such a wonderful recipe! Make this with red or white wine!

Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria

Cranberry Pear Christmas Sangria 1 cinnamon stick 1/3 cup sugar 1/3 cup water 1 cup fresh cranberries, divided 1 pear, sliced zest from one orange 1/4 cup pear brandy (you can use any brandy you have on hand) 1 bottle white or red wine sparkling water In a small saucepan, over high heat, combine water,… continue reading »

Cranberry Pistachio Bread Pudding

Cranberry Pistachio Bread Pudding I need to come clean on this one. I have to tell you that this recipe came to be simply because I’ve had “cranberry” and “pistachio” stuck in my head for weeks now. I kept thinking that the red and green would be so Christmas-y, but  I wanted to do something… continue reading »

Persimmon Cranberry Quinoa Breakfast

Persimmon Cranberry Quinoa Breakfast I try to start each day off with a healthy breakfast. Did you notice I said try? It’s not always easy, but when I do, it just makes me feel good all day. I make quinoa frequently as a side dish with dinner, but have yet to try making it for… continue reading »