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Cumber Pear and Kale Restore Juice | @tasteLUVnourish | #juicing #juice #cucumber #pear #kale #vegan

Cucumber Pear and Kale Restore Juice

We make a lot of smoothies in my house and I love them, but sometimes I actually crave juices. Sounds crazy, I know, especially if you haven’t tasted a green juice. I have to say though, if you do, I think you’ll be surprised by how fruity and refreshing green juices can be. There are… continue reading »

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Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie   This smoothie came into my life this past summer.  We’d gone on vacation and overindulged like I’d never had before! It was a wonderful trip, but as soon as we returned home, I felt the need to detox! I bought a few books, did a lot of reading and began drinking green… continue reading »

Kale and Pear Salad

Kale and Pear Salad This salad is kind of a nutritional overachiever. There are so many super-foods incorporated in it, but they are not all there just for the health of it! They all add flavors that compliment each other. It really is a delicious salad, but honestly, it just makes me feel so good… continue reading »