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April 23, 2014 | 7 Comments
Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark

There’s a spot in my grocery store, just beyond the produce section, that I find irresistible. Shelves of clear cellophane bags, filled with all sorts of nuts, dried fruits and little crunchy snacky things that call my name. If it happens to be a Monday and I’ve just stepped on the scale after a weekend of socializing, I manage to walk past with my cart, full of fruits and veggies and ignore those calls. Though, any other day of the week, you’ll find me standing there, staring for a bit, then tossing bags of this and that into my cart. I cannot claim complete reckless abandon. I do try to stick to things that are low in fat and have no added sugar. The important thing to me is that they satisfy my tastebuds and give me a bit of crunch. That’s where wasabi peas come into the picture.

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark from Taste Love & Nourish

Wasabi peas have the most wonderful crunch and the perfect amount of heat that makes my mouth happy. I tell myself that these probably count as a serving of vegetables, making it completely acceptable to eat by the handful.

Then, there are these Asian rice cracker snacks. Alone, they don’t taste like much, but paired with the wasabi peas…hmmmm.

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark from Taste Love & Nourish

I was perfectly happy snacking on this stuff. Until one day I needed something sweet. Well, a bunch of chocolate chips happened to fall into my hand at the same time I was munching on this stuff…and that is where it all began…

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark from Taste Love & Nourish

Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark

Approximately 3.5 oz. your favorite dark chocolate
1/2 C. wasabi peas and Asian rice cracker mix
a pinch of coarse sea salt (optional)

In a heat resistant bowl, melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 to 45 second intervals. Stir between each until the chocolate has melted.

Line a baking sheet or other flat surface with parchment paper. Spread the melted chocolate.

Take about 1 to 2 tablespoons of the wasabi peas and a couple of rice crackers and place them in a zipper bag. Give them a light smash with a mallet to crush them up a bit. Spread the remaining peas and crackers onto the chocolate, then sprinkle on the crushed mixture and the sea salt, if using.

Cool at room temperature to harden or in the fridge for a bit. Break into pieces and enjoy.


Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark from Taste Love & Nourish


Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark from Taste Love & Nourish

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7 thoughts on “Wasabi Pea Chocolate Bark

  1. Amy @ Elephant Eats

    What an interesting concoction…but I totally get it! It’s such a unique take on the whole sweet-and-salty craze. I happen to love both wasabi peas and those rice crackers (oh and chocolate too, DUH), so I bet I’d inhale this!

  2. Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens

    Caroline – seriously, you are an evil genius!!!! What a perfectly inventive, fabulously wonderful idea! I also have a soft spot in my heart for the lovely section of flavored nuts and not-too-unhealthy crunchy things. But nope, not once did it ever occur to me to concoct something like this perfectly sweet-salty-spicy-creamy-crunchy treat! Pretty much covers every craving … all in one little bite! And so surprisingly pretty, too … although you are also an evil genius with the camera, so I’m not surprised! :D


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