Welcome! I’m so glad you are here! My name is Caroline. Food, cooking, nutrition and feeding my family well are my passion. I have flavors and recipes floating around in my head most of the time. Really. They keep me up at night! I try to create recipes that are unique, flavorful and most importantly, healthy.

I credit my love of cooking to my Armenian/German Mom. She is the most intuitive cook I’ve ever known. I loved to linger with her in the kitchen when I was young. Being the baby of three girls, I spent a lot of time with my Mom. That meant being in the kitchen…a lot! My sisters and I would come home from school each day to pots on every burner of the stove. She cooked so many different things at once. I’m still not sure I know why. Maybe it had something to do with our Dad…a well-traveled man with a very adventurous palate. I credit my love of eating to him! So, while things were bubbling and simmering, Mom’s hands would be skillfully kneading something doughy in a bowl, stuffing a variety of vegetables, pinching pockets of pastry stuffed with meats or cheeses, or rolling grape leaves. She made it all look so easy and with much patience, she’d happily walk us through each process. To this day, every time I make bread, I think of her pinching off some dough and giving it to me to make my own creations.

Having said all of that, I did not have any confidence in cooking when I was first married. I did realize though, that I loved the process of trying! So, after twenty-four years, I feel as if I’ve found my niche. If I could, I’d spend all day doing nothing but cooking. It’s just one of those things where gratification is almost immediate and the end results usually make everyone pretty happy! I love that.

I am a wife to a sweet and very supportive husband, my most eager taste-tester! Together, we have a son and a daughter. They are the ones who have bolstered my confidence over the years and are the reason why cooking is so gratifying. When we are all together, the kitchen is where you’ll find us, cooking, chatting and eating! It’s really the heart of our home.

This brings me to the goal of this blog. I’ve learned that food can bring us places. It can take us home, to our past, to an exotic place or to where we wish we could be. It can affect our emotions by making us happy or soothing our sadness. Its aromas alone can do all of these things even before the taste hits our tongues. I want to share recipes with you that will make you want to cook. I try to keep things simple and only use fresh and unprocessed ingredients. I strive for healthy always, but in all honesty, I do believe in moderation for all things. Sometimes you’ve got to add a little butta!

I hope you enjoy cooking from this blog and sharing what you create with the ones you love.



All of my recipes and photographs are my own original, unless noted.

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