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Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Caroline and I’m a bit obsessed with food, cooking and nutrition. I believe in using seasonal, fresh and whole, unprocessed foods to create recipes that are simply delicious. I feel strongly that clean eating really can be decadent and gratifying.

The  l o o o n g  version…

I credit my love of cooking to my Armenian-German Mom. She is the most intuitive cook I’ve ever known. I loved to linger with her in the kitchen when I was young. Being the baby of three girls, I spent a lot of time with my Mom. That meant being in the kitchen…a lot! My sisters and I would come home from school each day to pots on every burner of the stove. She cooked so many different things at once. I’m still not sure I know why. Maybe it had something to do with our Dad…a well-traveled man with a very adventurous palate. I credit my love of eating to him!

Having said that, I didn’t have any confidence in cooking when I was first married. I did realize though, that I loved the process of trying! So, after twenty-five+ years, I feel as if I’ve found my niche. If I could, I’d spend all day doing nothing but cooking. It’s just one of those things where gratification is almost immediate and the end results usually make everyone happy! I love that.

I am a wife to a sweet and very supportive husband, my most eager taste-tester! Together, we have a son and a daughter. They are the ones who have bolstered my confidence over the years and are the reason why cooking is so gratifying. When we are all together, the kitchen is where you’ll find us, cooking, chatting and eating! It’s really the heart of our home.

I've learned…by Taste Love and Nourish


Why ‘Taste Love and Nourish’?
Cooking for others, to me, is a pure act of love. That, paired with my belief that whole, fresh foods not only nourish us, but taste amazing, just made sense. So, even though “Taste Love and Nourish” is a mouthful…I couldn’t imagine any other name.

Are you vegetarian? I haven’t seen any new chicken, seafood or beef recipes in ages!
Yes, I am! I actually became a vegetarian about three years ago. There are some really great chicken, beef and seafood recipes from waaay back that I’d never want to take down (they are some of my readers’ favorites), but don’t expect any new non-veg recipes any time soon.  I do cook meat at times for my family or for recipe development work, but not for myself.

You must eat really healthy. Do you ever eat “junk food?”
Great question! I get asked this a lot and it always makes me giggle. Yes, of course!!!  Believe me, I love eating fresh, whole-foods and most of the time, I do.  But…give me a bag of tortilla chips and  guacamole, a plate of French fries straight out of the fryer with a little mayo, or a pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups…or anything chocolate…and I’m all in.  Indulgence is necessary.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?
I’ve got a diverse collection of cookbooks, as so many foodie-minded people do, and it’s so hard to pick one favorite, isn’t it? The truth is, I’m not a recipe follower.  I tend to use cookbooks mostly for inspiration, BUT…I must say, I do have a handful of books that I turn to often and use as reference.  I love Mark Bittman’s, How to Cook Everything, Cook’s Illustrated CookbookKaren Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s, The Flavor Bible, aaaand Melissa Hamilton’s and Christopher Hirsheimer’s, Canal House Cooks Everyday as well as the entire Canal House series of books.

Do you have a favorite recipe?
My favorite recipe can sometimes be whatever I’ve just made last, but if pressed, I’d have to say that I could eat this Vegetable Jambalaya any night of the week. This Chocolate Frosty needs to be on my favorite list, too!

Do you work outside of this blog?
That’s another common question! I do! In addition to the work you see here, some of my favorite work actually exists on the sites of major food brands and publications, where I create recipes and do food photography. For information on working together, contact me here.

What kind of camera and lens do you use?
I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark iii.  I use a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens quite a bit, but my Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM lens is a favorite.

Can I republish your photos or recipes?
I’m always utterly flattered when anyone wants to share my work! BUT, please, ask permission first and use only one photo with credit and a link back to the original post. Recipes may not be republished without explicit permission.



All of my recipes and photographs are my own original work, unless noted.